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7 — 8 November 2015 Third International Conference Polygraph

We kindly invite you to participate in the 3rd International Scientific and Practical Conference of Polygraph Experts «Use of the Polygraph in Law Enforcement Activities: Problems and Prospects».


Dear Colleagues!

We kindly invite you to participate in the 3rd International Scientific and Practical Conference of Polygraph Experts «Use of the Polygraph in Law Enforcement Activities: Problems and Prospects».

Dates: November 7–8, 2015.

Venue: City of Kyiv, Solomyanska Square, 1,
National Academy of Internal Affairs

Conference organizers:
Ukrainian Polygraph Collegium
National Academy of Internal Affairs
Ukrainian Advocates’ Association
Ukrainian Bureau of psychophysiological studies and security
Axciton Systems Inc. (USA)
We expect guests from the following countries: Belarus, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Canada, Mexico, Poland, Slovenia, USA, Venezuela, etc.
The following participants can be expected for the conference: polygraph experts, pedagogues and scientists, doctoral and postgraduate students (adjuncts), students and cadets of higher schools and research institutes, practical employees of law enforcement agencies, court, etc.

Working languages of the conference: Ukrainian, English, and Russian.

Before commencement of the conference (during registration of participants), presentation of polygraph-related products (scientific works, technical projects, modern equipment, etc.). Participants of the conference will be able to offer their own presentation materials.
The first day of the conference is designed for a wide circle of participants. The second day is oriented on practicing polygraph experts. Those who wish to speak during the first or second day of the conference shall coordinate this issue with the Organizing Committee in advance, since number of speakers may be limited for objective reasons. Speech may be accompanied by a multimedia presentation. Necessary technical resources will be available. If required, the Organizing Committee will ensure services ofprofessional translation from English.
Participants of the conference shall pay a participation fee, amounting to:
for nationals of Ukraine: UAH 200 – per one day, or UAH 400 – per two days of participation in the conference;
for foreign participants: USD 50 – per one day, or USD 100 – per two days of participation in the conference.
Foreign participants may pay the participation fee at the venue of the conference before its commencement.
Nationals of Ukraine shall pay the participation fee to the following bank account:
JSB «UKRGASBANK», MFO code: 320478, Account No.: 26009240709
Department No.45, City of Kyiv, Academician Paladin Avenue, 18/30
Beneficiary: Non-Governmental Organization
«Ukrainian Polygraph Collegium», EDRPOU code: 38927575
Payment details: «Conference participation fee»
Copy of receipt shall be sent to the following address: mrusip@gmail.com.

Participants of the conference who arrive from other cities will receive support in hotel booking.
At request of the participants, a Kyiv city guided tour may be organized after the conference.
It is planned to publish a separate collection of participants’ abstracts of papers recommended by the Organizing Committee before commencement of the conference.

For participation in the 3rd International Scientific and Practical Conference of Polygraph Experts, please, send Participant Application to the address mrusip@gmail.com:
foreign participants and participants with abstracts of papers – by October 1
other participants – by November 1

Participant Application shall be submitted in established format (Annex 1).
Requirements to abstracts of papers design are specified in Annex 2.

In order to receive information on organizational issues of participation in the conference, please, refer to:
1. Ukrainian Polygraph Collegium:
Tel.: +38 097 4079064, е-mail: mrusip@gmail.com
(Usikov Ihor Petrovych)
Tel.: +38 098 4844514, е-mail: os.shapovalov@gmail.com
(Shapovalov Vitaliy Oleksandrovych)
2. National Academy of Internal Affairs:
for participants from Ukraine — tel. +38 068 7908058,
е-mail: vondr@naiau.kiev.ua
(Bodiul Yevhen Mykolayovych)
for foreign participants — tel. +38 067 3678107
е-mail: inter-coop@naiau.kiev.ua
(Akimov Mykhaylo Oleksandrovych)
Organizing Committee of the conference

Annex 1

Sample Application
for participation in the 3rd International Scientific and Practical Conference of Polygraph Experts «Use of the Polygraph in Law Enforcement Activities: PROBLEMS AND PROSPECTS»
1. Surname, name, patronymic.
2. Country*.
3. Place of work (education).
4. Position.
5. Are you a practicing polygraph examiner?
6. Academic degree, academic status.
7. E-mail.
8. Telephone number.
9. Speech title.
10. Form of participation:
– personal presence and participation in the conference
– submission of abstracts of papers
11. Do you need an individual invitation to the conference?
– yes
– no
12. Do you need airport pick-up and transfer to hotel?

* Note: for the purposes of pick-up and transfer to a venue of the conference (hotel), foreign participants shall provide information about their arrival date in advance.

Annex 2.

Requirements to abstracts of papers design

Font – Times New Roman, font size – 14 pt., align right.
Below, after an interval — author’s surname, name, patronymic, position and full name of the institution, where the author is working or studying, academic degree, academic status (font – Times New Roman, font size – 14 pt., align right).
Postgraduate students, adjuncts and masters shall provide information about research supervisor (surname, name, patronymic, position, academic degree, and academic status).
Below, after an interval — speech title (all words in capital letters, without full stop, font – Times New Roman, font size – 14 pt., bold, center).


Kuzmichova-Kyslenko Yelyzaveta Volodymyrivna
Senior Researcher of the Scientific Laboratory
on prejudicial inquiry issues of the
National Academy of Internal Affairs,
Ph.D. in Law


After in interval — text of the speech. Requirements to the text: margins: top, bottom, left, tight – 2 cm; font – Times New Roman, font size – 14 pt.; line spacing – 1.5 lines.
Reference to used sources shall be made in square brackets with stating number of source and pages, for example: [1, p. 23–26], while names of the sources shall be given at the end of the text of the speech in textual order. Design of used sources shall meet established criteria.
Text volume – up to 3 pages.
Persons without an academic degree shall send an opinion.
Name of the file with a text of speech, application for participation in the conference and opinion shall correspond with a speaker’s name (for example, Kuzmichova-Kyslenko_Abstracts; Kuzmichova-Kyslenko_Application; Kuzmichova-Kyslenko_Opinion).
Deadline for submission of abstracts of papers with application and opinion (for persons without an academic degree) in electronic format: October 1, 2015. E-mail for submissions: mrusip@gmail.com Please, state: “For conference”.

! Organizing Committee of the Conference reserves the right to reject submitted abstracts of papers, is they fail to correspond with the topic of the conference or established requirements to design or will be received after the established deadline.