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Buy polygraph Axciton

Official representative and distributor of the American company Аxciton Systems Inc. in Ukraine and European countries
Since November 2014, the official representative office of the American company AxcitonSystemsInc., one of the world’s major developers and manufacturers of computer polygraphs of this brand, has been opened on the basis of the Ukrainian Bureau of Psychophysiological Investigations and Security in Kiev.

Official representative and distributor of the American company АxcitonSystemsInc. in Ukraine and European countries
Since November 2014, the official representative office of the American company AxcitonSystemsInc., one of the world’s major developers and manufacturers of computer polygraphs of this brand, has been opened on the basis of the Ukrainian Bureau of Psychophysiological Investigations and Security in Kiev. The existing polygraph examiners and students taking the initial training under the polygraph training program have the opportunity to obtain a full package of official distribution services – purchase the Axciton computer polygraph from us and have warranty service from a direct manufacturer. Computer polygraphs of AxcitonSystems are used in many countries of the world and in most federal agencies and departments of the United States. We sell Аxciton computer polygraphs in Ukraine, in post-Soviet countries, in Europe, Africa, Asia and other regions of the world from the official manufacturer with an up to 5% discount.
AxcitonSystemsInc. has pioneered in developing and launching exactly the computer polygraph, which combined the basic idea and technical capabilities of the ink-recording polygraph with the modern reliable technologies of digital data processing. At present, AxcitonSystems, Inc. is a solid and authoritative leader in the development and production of devices for assessing the truthfulness of reported information through the registration of psycho-physiological parameters. Almost all federal agencies and law enforcement agencies of the United States have been the main users of the AxcitonSystems, Inc. polygraphs. The very high technical reliability of these devices makes it possible to state confidently that they practically do not break down, and being handled carefully, the device can work reliably for 15-20 years, until becoming outmoded. Many countries in the world are also actively using this reliable device, which is especially popular and widely used in countries of South America, Africa, India and other countries of Europe and Asia.

Axciton computer polygraph ensures the signals pick up from sensors carrying information about physiological changes in the person being tested, amplification and filtering of these signals, converting them into a digital code and transferring it via a USB port to the receiving and converting device, and then to the computer, processing and displaying signals, a change in the gain and the baseline of any of the signals. In addition, the polygraph complex continuously ensures the maximum accuracy of signal sampling.

1. Axciton computer polygraph is offered in four versions of the sensor blocks (36 bit), with a set of 5 to 8 channels, connection to the computer via a USB port.
2. Licensed software in 10 languages. Free update through the official website of the company http://axciton.com/downloads.htm#upgrades.
3. Basic set of a pick-up system consisting of six 24-bit or 36-bit information transfer channels: chest pneumatic (upper respiration) respirator, diaphragm breathing (air) respirator, reusable galvanic reaction plates with additional removable special tips for disposable electrodes, a cuff recording the blood pressure fluctuations, a "cushion" of recording motor activity and identifying mechanical counteractions.
4. Optional equipment available:
- The “photoplethysmograph” sensor (purchased separately)
- The "blush sensor" sensor (sold separately)

Main difference of Axciton polygraph from other American-manufactured competitor devices:
1. High quality of the device and sensors allows operating them without any additional service.
2. An additional tremor sensor ("motion pad") in the basic set
3. A unique sensor "thermal imager" (extra charge) in the arsenal of the device
4. The best GSR channel signal of all the existing polygraphs.
5. The unique Devagus function of “noise” cleaning from inhale-exhalation sound on the cardio channel, which is not used in any other polygraphs.
6. Unique PatternPhase- function recording the cardio signal characteristics in the subject of polygraph testing on the stream video image of the subject of testing, which allows receiving a “fingerprint” of the heart, which no other polygraph can offer.

Technical specifications of Axciton polygraph

The sensor unit of the Axciton polygraph provides:
• Registration and transmission of seven physiological signals: upper respiration (1), lower respiration (2), galvanic-skin reaction (tonic) (3), peripheral cardiovascular system activity (5), central nervous system activity (6) as well tremor (7) to the computer.
• Automatic signal adjustment.
• Automatic adjustment of amplification and baseline signals during testing.
• Powered by the computer USB port with galvanic separation unit.
• Conversion of signals into a digital code and vice versa.
• Reception and transmission of signals via USB port in digital code with full galvanic separation unit.

Axciton Specifications
Dimensions: Sensor Box: 9 inch X 6 inch X 1.5 inches
Weight: 478 grams or 10.75 ounces
Connection: USB 2.0 or higher
Power requirements: Receives all needed power through the USB cable
Resolution: 24 bit separate resolution from the sensor box, simultaneously for all channels.
Sensor box sample rate: Capable of 2000 sps for up to 24 simultaneous channels, but default is 250 samples per second delivered to the computer. Final storage on hard disk is capable of up to 250 samples per second but defaults to 100 samples per second.
Operating temperature: 8 – 40 degrees Celsius temperature, 0-90 % humidity
Number of channels sold: Usually 5 to 8 channels, but Axciton can produce sensor boxes from 4 to 24 channels if requested.
Sensors sold: All popular polygraph sensors as well as any powered or unpowered sensor you can design.

The Axciton polygraph ensures readiness for operation 1 minute after being powered and 30 seconds after the sensors are installed on the subject of testing.

Licensed software of Axciton polygraph can be installed on Win7, Win 8,Win10operating systems. System requirements for using the deception detector program:

Required: a processor with a frequency of 450 MHz and higher, 128 Mb of RAM, Windows operating system, USB port, CD ROM, TFT monitor or active matrix monitor (for laptops), 16Mb video card. Recommended: 900 MHz and higher frequency processor, 256 Mb of RAM, Windows 7;8;10 operating system, USB port, CD RW, LCD monitor or 15 "active matrix monitor (for laptops), 32Mb and over video card.

The top advantages of
Axciton polygraph:

1) High reliability of the device.
A three-year warranty is granted to all the polygraphs and sensors of the Axciton company. However, practice shows that Axciton polygraphs are many years fail-safe, exceeding the manufacturer’s warranty period many times. The software of the Axciton polygraph supports all versions of the sensor blocks released by this company earlier.
2) Devagus - a powerful cardiac signal noise filter - WhiteDevagus-Despike.
The quality of respiration (intensity of cycles, volume of absorbed oxygen) strongly affects the quality of registration of physiological parameters of cardiac activity – a cuff, which shows as a kind of “synchronization” of the lungs and heart. This effect is related to the specific functioning of the vagus nerve, and these events may make it difficult to determine the objective frequency of the heartbeat. Devagus improves the quality of filtration of the influence of the respiration rate on the cardio signal, which allows a more accurate and easy evaluation of this signal.
When registering non-voluntary or voluntary muscle contraction, arrhythmia, deep respiration, examples of artifacts are obtained, which can trigger the occurrence of short pulses in the cardiac signal. Despike eliminates these impulses and greatly improves the accuracy of the analysis of polygrams as a rule. If a significant number of impulses which cannot be eliminated by the WhiteDevagus-Despike filter has been recorded in the cardiogram on the polygram, the manufacturer recommends refraining from analyzing such a polygram.

3) WhiteBalance
A special algorithm for optimizing and improving the display of the polygram on the monitor screen. Optimization of the display on the screen (changing the parameters of amplification and alignment of signals) is suitable when obtaining an “impure” polygram recording when its individual parts tend to go out of the visible zone or the images of individual graphs of the polygram overlay each other.
WhiteBalance allows improving the quality of the display of significant information to provide polygraph specialists with the possibility of objective and correct evaluation and analysis of polygrams.

4) PatternMapping
The latest scientific development by Bruce White in the new version of Axciton polygraph allows to identify the main types of countermeasures that can be taken by the subject of testing in order to distort the results of the polygraph test. First of all, these include psychological (mental), physical and medicamental counteraction.

5) 24 other signal processing tools to improve the scoreability of common polygraph signal problemns and concerns that help make a chart more accurately and easily scored.

6) Results precision
Currently, the reliability of testing conducted with the Axciton polygraph under laboratory conditions is approximately 93% in the justifying results and 98% of the accusatory results with the AFMGQT format tests. The use of an additional tremor (motion) sensor in combination with the use of WhiteStar, the mathematical algorithm for scoring polygrams, makes it possible to make the reliability of the received results much higher than possible before. The access of the polygraph examiner to the latest WhiteStar scoring algorithm is possible through the purchase of this special additional program. There are options for the free transfer of WhiteStar; for clarifying these manufacturer’s conditions, please contact the company’s central office via E-mail: support@axciton.com.

7) Software
All Axciton polygraph software has the ability to use the interface in more than 10 languages. The Axciton polygraph is the only device in the world that has the Ukrainian-language interface besides the Russian-language interface. The software is licensed and unlimited, new versions are constantly updated, which the user is entitled to receive on a free of charge basis during the entire lifetime of the Axciton polygraph.

8) Axciton pharmaceutical dictionary
Users of Axciton computerized polygraph program have the opportunity to obtain reference information about medications containing a list of drugs that can adversely affect the recorded psychophysiological parameters of respiration, heart rate, blood pressure, sweating reaction. Background information is presented in the form of a dictionary, where you can easily navigate through the pharmaceutical or popular names of medicines.

9) Technical support
All users of Axciton polygraphs have the opportunity to receive technical support via e-mail and telephone. The new versions of the program are updated on a regular basis and are freely available on the manufacturer’s website.

10) Company’s pricing policy
AxcitonSystems, Inc. pricing policy is divided into internal (for customers in the US and Canada) and external one, i.e. international (for customers outside the United States and Canada), the price overview is presented in Table 1.

The Ukrainian representative office of the American AxcitonSystems, Inc. company sells computer polygraphs being the official distributor of the company in Eastern and Western Europe in accordance with the official license of the US Chamber of Commerce. The Ukrainian representative office enjoys a special offer for the sale of devices on the territory of Ukraine, to the post-Soviet countries of and Europe at American domestic prices, i.е. those applied for residents of the US and Canada.
All devices are supplied with a Technical passport, a guarantee coupon and an ASTM Certificate. The warranty period for all devices is 3 years, for sensors -1 year.
The single versions of polygraphs are always available in the Ukrainian representation, supply more apparatus is possible by prior arrangement. Straight deliveries from the USA to any country are possible. The cost of delivery into Ukraine or another country from the USA in the basic price is not included and is paid in addition. It is possible to sale Axciton polygraph and direct deliveries via Ukraine and directly from the USA to Europe, Asia, Africa, India and South America. Price proposals are formed individually. The approximate delivery time of the apparatus is up to 1 months. The delivery component is possible shipment at own expense or by our representative with the payment of charges associated with business travel (airfare, hotel). WITH SALE OF POLYGRAPH IN the Ukraine TO THE PHYSICAL PERSONS ARE POSSIBLE THE discounts from 5 to 15%.

Price with delivery cost excluded

Advanced sensor unit (manufactured and assembled in the US) / The device works with the new and old versions of the Axciton X 10 software.

5-channel (for connection of the basic set of sensors only):
International \ For US and Canada \ For Ukraine = $7700,00 \ $6000,00 \ $5500,00

6-channel (for connection of the basic set of sensors plus one additional sensor):
International \ For US and Canada \ For Ukraine = $8300,00 \ $6500,00 \ $6000,00

7-channel (for connection of the basic set of sensors plus two additional sensor):
International \ For US and Canada \ For Ukraine = $8800,00 \ $7000,00 \ $6500,00

8-channel (for connection of the basic set of sensors plus three additional sensor):
International \ For US and Canada \ For Ukraine = $9300,00 \ $7500,00 \ $7000,00

In the basic delivery set:

1. Computer data cable
2. Software with the built-in algorithm of polygram scoring
3. Galvanic-skin reaction sensor
4. Cardio sensor (cuff)
5. Upper (thoracic) respiration sensor
6. Lower (diaphragm) respiration sensor
7. “Tremor cushion” body movement sensor
8. Photoplethysmograph sensor

• Separate sensor – “tremor cushion” placed under the buttocks / The sensor is sold separately, for 6,7,8-channeel devices only. $600
• Separate sensor – “Tremor armpads”. $800
• “Thermal imager” – upper part of the body and head movement sensor\ The sensor is sold separately, for 6,7,8-channeel devices only. $600
• Sensor set \ 1 Galvanic-skin reaction sensor, 1 cuff sensor, 2 respiration sensors. $700
• Galvanic-skin reaction sensor \ Identical sensor is presented in the base set. $250
• Cardio sensor (cuff) \ Identical sensor is presented in the base set. $250
• Respiration sensor \ Identical sensor is presented in the base set. $350
• WhiteStar 2 scoring algorithm \ Considered to be the most precise of all the existing computer algorithms. $2600
• Special folding chair for polygraph testing for on-site and stationary work. $ 700
• Additional 3-year warranty for the device (after the main warranty). $ 550
• Warranty and technical passport.
• ASTM quality certificate

The official representative of the company
"Axciton Systems, Inc." in Ukraine,
Igor Usikov
Direct phone number in Ukraine: +38050-475-52-86; +38 097-4079064;
Centraloffice: Ukraine, Kiev, SechevykhStreltsov Str., 40 “а”
E-mail: mrusip@gmail.com
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